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AGARIC FLY incense

AGARIC FLY incense


20 Hand dipped incense sticks, all the way from Melbourne Australia.

Blending aroma molecules and natural oils designed to transmit real-time sci fi sensory signals to the brain and spirit. Enhancing alpha wave processing and creating a deep ambient experience.


Hands down the best scented smoke we have encountered, there is no wrong choice. 


UHURU SASA: Oud-Grapefruit-Cassia

ARZACH: Clary Sage-White Tea-Labdanum

BOLAJI BADEJO: Sandalwood-Myrrh-Lemon Myrtle



Quantity:  Agaric Fly Incense packs contain 20 sticks.


Directions: Place incense stick in incense holder. Light tip of incense and extinguish. Each incense stick will smoke for 20 - 30 mins. Do not leave unattended while burning

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