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CARDIAC No.3 Decadence T Shirt

CARDIAC No.3 Decadence T Shirt




No.3 Decadence T Shirt


D-3 Tears have grown into noticeable holes. The once pristine white surface is now marred by patches of grime. The crystal neckline retains its brilliance.


Prompted tell a story of a simple, classic, white cotton tee shirt. whom has one unusual feature, a hand sewn crystal neck line, applied over a subtle white stroke of paint. in 5 parts, over time, it slowly decays, from pristine white, into a "ghost shirt" small holes become larger holes, and the fabric begins to fall away. despite its degradation it remains strong and confident. the crystal neckline remains vibrant.


Color: White

Composition: 100% Jersey Cotton & Rhinestone

Sizing: Small - XX Large


*All items are made to orde. Items will take 3 - 5 days to be made and shipped.

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