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CARDIAC No.5 Decadence T Shirt

CARDIAC No.5 Decadence T Shirt




No.5 Decadence T Shirt


D-5 is barely recognizable as a shirt anymore. It resembles a tattered shroud, the remaining fabric hanging limply. The wearers naked flesh is visible through gaping holes. Grosgrain chest straps stretching from shoulder to shoulder, front, back, and over are established to maintain stability. Miraculously, the crystal neckline remains whole, its prismatic gleam a defiant counterpoint to the surrounding decay.


Prompted tell a story of a simple, classic, white cotton tee shirt. whom has one unusual feature, a hand sewn crystal neck line, applied over a subtle white stroke of paint. in 5 parts, over time, it slowly decays, from pristine white, into a "ghost shirt" small holes become larger holes, and the fabric begins to fall away. despite its degradation it remains strong and confident. the crystal neckline remains vibrant.


Color: White

Composition: 100% Jersey Cotton & Rhinestone

Sizing: Small - XX Large


*All items are made to orde. Items will take 3 - 5 days to be made and shipped.

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