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back image, black tee-shirt, high quality graphic image of leather "ab ovo" bondage, gimp, fetish mask.

Ab Ovo Icon Series T Shirt




Ab Ovo : ICON Series 


Inspired by Nancy Grossman's works that speak to the malice and subservience of both psychology and worldly conflict. Though the works are often rendered blind and mute, they still allude to the role of the silent witness amid cruelty and disorder. 


This luxurious black T-shirt from CARDIACtwin is part of the ICON Series collection. Perfect for everyday wear, this tee is designed and printed in-house with thin, yet durable graphics for a sleek and sophisticated look. Crafted from beefy cotton, this t-shirt is not only ultra-soft but also built to last. Complete with the iconic monochromatic CARDIACtwin logo on the chest, this shirt is a must-have.

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